Top five platforms to share knowledge 2020

Looking to start a blog but can’t find the blogging software/ platform to fulfill your needs to assist in knowledge sharing?

The following article will highlight the top five blogging platforms suited to give you the best blogging experience along with the pros and cons of each.

The first platform on our list is the well-known Word press which is used by millions for knowledge sharing. Launched in 2005, its over 409 million users view over 21 billion pages on its blog network in any given month.  You can sign up for free right now before having to enter a few details about your blog and then an address. You get the following for no money at all: a sub domain of, Jetpack essential features, community support and dozens of themes absolutely free.  You can purchase a custom domain name, additional storage and other premium services.

This is not a site you’d expect to be on this list but, it is a ‘micro-blogging’ blogging platform for knowledge sharing. It contains social networking features such as being able to follow other blogs, reblogging as well as built-in sharing tools. Like Word press, it is also free. It gives a free Tumblr sub domain but connecting with a separately purchased, premium and custom domain name is also possible.  Tumblr is incredibly easy to set up and has an integrated component for social media. Due to being a micro blogging site, prompt blogging of videos, GIFs, images as well as audio files is possible as well.


 Providing a community for writers, bloggers and journalists, to name a few, it is an easy to use knowledge sharing platform. Like Tumblr, it also operates as a social networking site but with limited features. You can set up an account for free where you can publish your work with Medium’s domain name as having your own is not possible. No tedious set up is required; your sole focus can be writing as Medium takes care of setting up your website and last but not the least, you can reach existing online communities with people sharing interests similar to yours.


It is a convenient website building service, facilitating you to make appealing websites using easy drag and drop down tools which is ideal for small businesses wanting to create an online presence. This knowledge sharing website powers around a million others online.  It is fairly easy-to-use for beginners with professionally designed templates and separately offers domain name for users. Squarespace has different pricing plans for websites and online stores.


This is a website building platform which can also be used as a blogging site for knowledge sharing. It provides a significant amount of support for its users as well as information. Their interface is easy-to-use, it provides plenty of third party apps and templates for customizing your site, hosting is included, plenty of design options available and a free Wix sub domain is also provided. Users wishing to have a custom domain can purchase one with a monthly charge along with other advanced and premium plans.