Why sharing knowledge is important in a modern world

Nowadays many entrepreneurs and companies share whatever knowledge they have acquired over the years through blogs, YouTube channels and even workshops. After the explosion of the Internet, the world has become an enormous library which is easily accessible within a few clicks. It is seen as unprofessional now when companies don’t share their “secret recipe”. Competition is no longer the enemy rather a new source of knowledge is what people are going towards. 

In IT and Educational fields there has been a rise in knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing is done through collaborative learning. One may ask what collaborative learning is. Unlike individual learning, collaborative learning is a situation where two or more than two people attempt to learn something at one time. Here people take advantage of each other’s resources and skills.  So why is there so much stress on sharing knowledge in a modern world? It is believed that sharing the experiences and skills of one person can benefit the other and not to repeat the mistakes which are made by the previous people but also allows one to continuously learn which the case with collaborative learning is also as both include learning along with two people or more.

Positive impact of sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge through collaborative learning or just any form of learning has certain benefits for people from all walks of professional life. 

One of the benefits is that one gets to learn new information. Whether someone is studying independently or through collaborative learning, if there is shared knowledge there is always new information in this fast moving world which can be gathered through watching YouTube videos, by reading blogs or by attending a workshop. 

Secondly growth is encouraged through the learning process. By sharing our problems and discussing the ways to solve those problems, one gains a feeling of importance and feels motivated to become better which is an essential part of growth. There is an engagement with the community and that always feels good. 

Sharing knowledge attracts new customers and fresh faces. If one posts a blog about how a certain problem can be solved, others will see it as well. This will allow people to come to you in order to get a solution to their problem.

Want to make a good impression on your customers? Share knowledge related to your product or makes the display of your product informative. This builds trust in the customers and makes an impression of honesty; otherwise the customers will be hesitant to buy the products. 

Sharing knowledge also paints a picture of the company. People like to work with those companies who have a good company image and with those who are open about their struggles, their journey and growth. 

In short, by sharing knowledge you are:

  • Allowing the growth of your company.
  • Raising the motivation levels of your workers.
  • Your brand or company gets acknowledgement.
  • And lastly, you give back to the community. 

This concludes that is safe to share knowledge and that it will have a positive impact on the brand or company in the modern world.